1. The value of 17 × 98 + 17 × 2 =
(A) 1,550 (B) 1,600 (C) 1,700 (D) 1,800 (E) 1,850
Answer: C

2. How did you get your answer?
(A) I multiplied 17 × 98 and added that to 17 × 2.
(B) I approximated and found the closest match in the choices.
(C) I factored 17 to get 17(98 + 2).
(D) I guessed.
(E) By none of the above methods.


If you chose A, you did the problem the long way unless you used a calculator.
If you chose B, you probably approximated 98 by 100 and got 1,700.
If you chose C, you factored out the 17 to get 17(98 +
2) = 17(100) = 1,700. This was the best strategy to use.
If you chose D, you probably didn’t know how to solve the problem and just guessed.
If you chose E, you did not use any of the methods above but used your own different method.


 3. If 2x + 3y = 4 and y = 2, find the value of x.
(A) +2
(B) +1
(C)  0
(D) —1
(E) —2
Answer: D

4. Sarah is twice as old as John. Six years ago, Sarah was four times as old as John was then In years, how old is John now?                        

(A) 3
(B) 9
(C) 18
(D) 20
(E) Cannot be determined
Answer: B

(Note: Figure is not drawn to scale.)

5.  The area of the above figure ABCD

(A)  is 36
(B)  is 108
(C)  is 156
(D)  is 1872
(E)  Cannot be determined
Answer : A


Fill in the blank(s) with the appropriate choice:

1.            The instructor displayed extreme stubbornness; although he ______ the logic of the student’s argument, he­­­_________ to acknowledge her conclusion as correct.
(A)          accepted . . . refused
(B)          concluded . . . consented
(C)          denounced . . . declined
(D)          asserted . . . acceded
(E)          rejected . . . preferred
Answer: A

2.            In spite of the______ of his presentation, many  people were ______with the speaker’s concepts and ideas.
(A)          interest . . . enthralled
(B)          power . . . taken
(C)          intensity . . . shocked
(D)          greatness . . . gratified
(E)          strength . . . bored
Answer: E


Read the following passage, then answer the questions:

 Sometimes the meaning of glowing water is ominous. Off the Pacific Coast of North America, it may mean that the sea is filled with a minute plant that contains a poison of strange and terrible virulence. About four days after this minute plant comes to alter the coastal plankton, some of the fishes and shellfish in the vicinity become toxic. This is because in their normal feeding, they have strained the poisonous plankton out of the water.

3.            Fish and shellfish become toxic when they
(A)          swim in poisonous water
(B)          feed on poisonous plants or animals
(C)          change their feeding habits
(D)          give off a strange glow
(E)          take strychnine into their systems
Answer: B

4.            In the context of the passage, the word virulence in line 4 means
(A)          strangeness
(B)          color
(C)          calamity
(D)          potency
(E)          powerful odor
Answer: D

5.            The paragraph preceding the one in the passage most probably discussed the
(A)          phenomena of the Pacific coastline
(B)          poisons that affect man
(C)          toxic plants in the sea
(D)          characteristics of plankton
(E)          phenomena of the sea
Answer: E

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Culled from Gruber Complete SAT guide 2009